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New (2008)
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Metal Pot Video
This company is a marine research and development company
.and specializes in the development and testing of the Panel Pots which are made under licence by
 Poly Pot Creels Ltd
Panel Pot Products Ltd
Main Target Species

     Round      prawns (shrimps)
             D Shape   Nephrops, velvet crabs
                              crabs, lobsters          
                              freshwater crayfish,  
                              prawns (shrimps)
Aber pots
Nylon Entrance
Replacement entrance for your own lobster, crab, prawn pots.
poly pot prawn creel

14 mm mesh

Panel Pot is co-operating with the Cardigan Bay Fisherman’s Association in researching the optimum mesh size for sustainable catches of prawns (shrimps).  The research arm of the association is working on increasing the mesh size in the end cones to 14 mm with a view to promoting future byelaws.  This can be easily done with our existing cones by fishermen who would like to adapt their existing pots.

Our D shape pot is already made with 14 mm size and has been proved to be a good catcher of these prawns.